Selected Course Content

We provide the slides from the lecture on designing visualizations, exercise we used in the classroom on redesigning a visualization, and a description of the cumulative project for the course.

Visualization Design Worksheets

We adapted research from the design activity framework into worksheets for teaching students how to step through visualization design. We also created an introductory page to explain the worksheets and provide resources and tips for students on sketching. Lastly, we summarized a cybersecurity design study example in the context of the worksheets as an example project showcasing how to use the worksheets.

Evaluation: Surveys & Interviews

To conduct an evaluation of the visualization worksheets we created, we worked with students on their cumulative projects. At the end of the course, we sent out two surveys, one for the whole class and another for the students who utilized worksheets in their projects. We also conducted 11 interviews to get detailed suggestions and improvements for these educational worksheets.